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jenny_dressSummer is here, and that means skirt season is upon us. I’ve actually seen a lot of women wearing them already.
So, what does that mean to me? It simply means I have a couple of real issues to deal with since I always like to engage in new trends. I actually have some cute skirts, but, in the summer.. it’s the leg thing. It has to do with color and nature’s design for warmth. What to do, what to do…?
I can start by gearing myself up both physically and mentally. I have recently discovered the pre-lubed razors which do help somewhat with the nature situation, but I’ve never been a stickler for getting tan, and I am that special Norwegian “white”. Yes, I’ve tried Jergens’ version and someone just told me about St. Tropez and “tan towels”. Usually those products just make my mosquito bites and scrapes turn orange. Then again, maybe they are new and improved, so I should at least try.
But, no worries. As life’s timing will have it, I thank heaven for my store because just as I ponder this leg dilemma a box of ankle length skirts by Tribal arrives. Take a peek!

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