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A NEW What’s in store for you to see!
just a second reminder about our new Soundings sidebar feature

Just because this is a newer feature of our newsletter we wanted to remind you the clothing images have now updated. Again, What’s in store provides a somewhat random sampling of whatever is currently inside our store. Please remember, in the future, we may or may not publish this notice. That means you’ll just have to remember and go look from time to time for updates.
We wanted to provide you with more images without putting as many new emails into your email box. This What’s in store feature does not generate email notices of itself!
However, here’s your chance to have a say! Let us know, leave a comment here – would you rather have short email announcements about What’s in store updates sent to you, or not? Tell us what you’d like. Leave us a comment here. Thanks.

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what’s in store?  Our newest Soundings feature for you!

No no….. not what’s in store for the future but what’s in the store at this very moment. Our store that is!

We have many customers who love to just open our door, poke their nose inside and ask “What’s new?” They know very well that availability can diminish quickly and they want “first dibs” on the new stuff. So… we thought to make this easy for more of you. Now you can open our “virtual door” at any time of day or night and see what’s new in the store.
We’d like to introduce you to our newest Soundings sidebar feature that will give you a quick glance as to what’s new in Sound Styles. Just click on the sidebar (to the right) “what’s in store” storefront window image and you’ll be taken to an assortment of pictures inside the store. Our goal is to update this as frequently as we can, hopefully at least once a week. (take note of the last update date)
We may make a brief newsletter announcement the first few times we update the what’s in store pictures. Normally there won’t be any email notice. Just come visit the Soundings newsletter to see when an update has happened.
secret hint: you may want to bookmark the what’s in store page so you can quickly go directly there and see what’s new from time to time.

We hope you’ll find this a pleasure to use! See you soon.

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