The Red Christmas Dress, CHAPTER 2

The Red Christmas Dress,   CHAPTER TWO
Yes, Chapter Two of the Red Christmas Dress did indeed unfold here at Sound Styles. Let’s see…Where did the story leave off?  I think perhaps with the idea that Shelly would create a New Years paper dress that we could somehow use to raise money for charity, namely the Diabetes Foundation in honor of my brother.

As you can see from the video, the New Years dress did come alive. Fashioned this time from black and gold various foil wrapping papers, accented with leopard print, this dress could have attended the grandest of balls. And with my mom on board this time, no gaskets were blown. All good, right? We simply sat back and thoroughly enjoyed watching passersby stop, point and smile. This dress definitely worked its charm.
So, this dress stayed in the window where it was greatly enjoyed until just a couple of days ago. Then it too, got a new home! You see, I ran into Craig at Starbucks one afternoon about coffee time. Hmmmmm…what is it about Starbucks and these dress transactions?
Craig periodically shops for his friend Jane (a mutual friend and customer) in our store and told me he had just been thinking about getting her a Sound Styles gift card for her birthday. He went on to say that what he really wanted to give her was the little black and gold foil dress (LBGD) in the window. When we said we could probably make that happen both his smile and eyes grew large. So Shelly undressed the mannequin and wrapped up the LBGD in a box with a ribbon and called Craig to alert him it was ready for pick up.
dress_in_boxJane came in later that day, after receiving the dress and gift card, bubbling with excitement. She was delighted to have been chosen as the recipient of the LBGD. At 80 she didn’t know exactly where she would wear it, but that is a story for another time.
So how do we top this story? Well, we are already working on it. As you all know, a couple of weekends ago the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC Championship. Happened to be the same weekend our church in Hansville had its annual congregational meeting and potluck. Just so happened that the plastic table cloths used at this potluck were royal blue and Seahawks green.
Hmmmmmm… I thought. A Seahawks dress?
Yep, that’s exactly what happened. Made entirely of plastic tablecloths and Seahawks paper napkins, our latest dress addition (thanks again to Shelly) happily resides in our window display to root on our local football team. Will she, too, get a new home? (Not Shelly, but the dress). And perhaps bring a donation to the Diabetes Foundation this time? Better get myself over to Starbucks ASAP.

Go Hawks!
look see!  click on the two images above to see large scale pictures of each paper dress

6 thoughts on “The Red Christmas Dress, CHAPTER 2

  1. Sure have been enjoying your “paper dress” stories and can’t wait for the next one perhaps after the Hawks win the Superbowl..

  2. What super people and a super store!† Think you might find Part I on their website ?!

    How are you my friend.† You are missed mucho tambien!!! xo

    1. Ola Amiga! We are well. How is life in Mexico? Are you gonna watch the hawks?
      Hope we see you soon and thanks for following us online.

  3. Love, love, love it! These things are what make your store soooooo special and fun to shop! XO, Ellen and in absentia, good friend Lonnie

    1. Ellen and Lonnie,
      Tickles me when wonderful women like you two enjoy our corny, sometimes “gasket blowing” stories. More to come…stay tuned!

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