New Temptations

New Temptations!
Staff Picks from us to you!
In walks Mike with today’s UPS delivery.
new mary smallWhat’s going to tempt us today?” Jenny’s ‘Golden Girls’ wonder out loud to one another.
Doesn’t take long before Mary has found her favorite…. “look at this tunic top!” she exclaims with excitement. “I love the mixed textures and prints. So unique and it’s already layered for you. I could wear this with jeans or velvet pants. It’s lightweight and would pack easily too. Might just have to take this with me on my upcoming trip in November.”
new julie smallJulie agrees with Mary’s choice but has a pic of her own. “The tunic is cute,” she agrees, “but look at this cowl neck sweater. Kind of has my name written all over it. Love the mixture of animal print and solid. Would be so cute with our herringbone black jeans.”
There’s lots to tempt us all in the new shipment from Alison Sheri. Cardigans, pullovers and tops galore. Come look before they all get scooped up!

        (click each image above to view the full size picture)

7 thoughts on “New Temptations

  1. Love your blog! I adore the red sweater I bought recently at your shop–fun buttons and I wear it with a peach tee beneath. I could use more tees and wonderful sweaters–any ideas? Susan Lampe. P.S. Also love the “Sound Styles Golden Girls” and their photos!

    1. Hi Susan,

      Just got a shipment of new tees in yesterday. Four new colors for Fall and they go well with several of the new Pure sweaters that came in last week. Come see! We’ll be happy to show you great combinations of the two.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Nancy. It’s great fun to participate in our newsletter. We enjoy sharing pictures and writing about what’s going on in the store.

    1. Hi Gail,

      You want my shoes? What shoes? I’m confused… ’cause you can’t see my shoes in that picture. Ah well! Come see us again soon and we’ll clear it all up.

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