What a Celebration

What a Celebration!
Who says getting older is NOT fun? My birthday celebration at Sound Styles was VERY fun and full of surprises. Thank you to everyone who sent greetings and comments and to those who could join in the celebration fun! It was neat to learn how much everyone cared. I am touched. Jenny and Dolores, you made it all happen and I now forgive you for telling everyone how “Old” I am!

      Thanks for the party and every fun day at Sound Styles.
      Sincerely,   Mary

6 thoughts on “What a Celebration

  1. Mary…

    I am so sorry I could not hav been there to celebrate your birthday! You are a poster “child” for how to look beautiful and awesome at 70! A very special happy birthday to you! Jan

  2. Belated Birthday wishes Mary! Glad you had a swell celebration. Now that I don’t live in Edmonds any more I couldn’t make it but sure wish you all the best.
    Jeanne Barlia

  3. I am so sorry to have missed this celebration, Mary, though I know you were remembered and celebrated by many! You have guided me through so many successful wardrobe choices, which has been your special gift to me. My wish for you is that I get to see you every time I visit Sound Styles; it’s always a pleasure. Happy, happy birthday! May there be many, many more.

  4. Mary,
    So sorry I could not attend your grand celebration. Glad it was so much fun, but not surprised as it was about YOU and at Sound Styles. You are inspiring to those of us who are just a tad behind you, and not just cuz we share Wisconsin roots!
    Congrats, Mary, and many, many more!

  5. The beautiful, dynamic Mary Way! My hope is that I look like you when I enter the next decade. Love you, my friend, Cyndy

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