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Top Bananas

April 17th, 2013… it’s 9am on an unusually warm spring morning in our small corner of the world…
Tantalizing coffee aromas emanate from Caffe Ladro befitting its’ intimate and somewhat quirky decor… black iron bistro tables, french murals and bouquets of fresh spring flowers.
As always, early dawn sees the first prep work by staff amid town gossip and talk of Downton Abbey’s latest indiscretions. At last, Ladro’s special roast and friendly greetings await their morning customers.
Wearing her new sleeveless blouse, Mary Beth, a vision in sun-kissed orange, is first to arrive. “A tall vanilla latte, please.” she requests, as her eye catches the entrance of dear Elizabeth. In that drapey, flowing top of sapphire blue to match her eyes, Lizzie… as only the closest of friends call her… is wearing an obviously perfect match to her flirtatious self. Ah… not to be dismissed or missed or upstaged… here comes Leilani Sue in her tropical, ruffled little number that might easily turn on the green eyes of Carmen Miranda. As they find a table for three… what a threesome they are!
But wait!… a moment of breathless silence flashes across the room, as Richard has sauntered into the establishment only to stop by the table of these three beautiful women adorned in their attire from Sound Styles. A brief smile and appreciative nod gives them pause to blush at his obvious approval of their fashion sense. Has he eyes and heart for only one? And might that one be our heroine in the previous drama? Was it Richard she was meeting on the beach that day?
To be continued…

FoxcroftTrue BlueBali

      click on the item names below to see the full sized images
      (pictures, left to right)    Foxcroft Sleeveless Blouse. Comfortable all cotton. White and dotted with petite orange slices.  True Blue Sleeveless Tunic Top.  Pleated in shades and shades of blue, this top is an all rayon batik tie dye with flattering uneven hemline (longer in front than back).  Bali pullover ruffled and ruched v-neck top in a colorful tropical print of polyester/spandex.

So… how about you? Come find your ‘top’ banana among Sound Styles newest spring selections… and to heck with what Richard thinks… let us help you find your own fashion persona. One that puts a smile on your face and says “hello world!” Are you romantic, classic, dramatic or none of the above? It might be fun to discover your inner self when it comes to fashion and we’d love to be a part of the journey. And, believe it or not, one new top can speak volumes and give voice to your persona.

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