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Wanna Hook Up?

Wanna hook up with 2013 Spring/Summer fashion?

The hot new trend is crochet.

“Crochet” is a French word meaning hook and is defined by Webster as the process of creating fabric from yarn, thread or other material strands using a crochet hook.

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crochet 1
Granny, granny…what big style you have.

My grandma was a “hooker”. As a matter of fact I still have and use an afghan she made for me years ago.

Now crochet has spiced up fashion as you can see in the pictured Modern Cardigan by PURE.
crochet 2Dive into diva territory with new chic looks that will have you crocheting to a new tune.

Check out this colorful crocheted artisan tank also by PURE.
crochet 3A Fine Romance.

With a crocheted pattern, what’s not there defines a design as much as what is there.

This tunic by Alison Sheri says it all.
So, there’s something for everyone’s pleasure when it comes to crochet.  
Just be careful you don’t get hooked!

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