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Karen Kane meets Bryn Walker…
Scene 1:   Early morning.  Our heroine puts on her favorite new chandelier blouse from Karen Kane.  As she pads off to the kitchen for morning coffee, a thought arrives, “Cute, however… “

Kane meets WalkerScene 2:   “Ooh!  (aha moment!)  What would happen if I added that funky Bryn Walker overpiece?”, she wonders out loud between yawns.  She stretches and takes a second sip of her favorite blend.

Scene 3:   Our inspired heroine returns to her closet where she marries one with the other and creates harmony in a surprisingly new fashion statement.  “Short over long.  Isn’t that what they told me at Sound Styles?”  “I think they were right ‘cause I love this look… it’s totally intriguing!”

Scene 4:   “Now what might be the icing on this cupcake?” she ponders, as the clock ticks away moments before she must dash out the door, off to her morning stroll along the water’s edge where someone special awaits her arrival.

Our heroine saunters to the bedroom window, pulls up the tasseled shade, peeks into the dawn, smiles broadly into the face of a clear blue sky, then shouts with subtle glee… “A hat, of course!”

The moral to our little tale is simply said, What you choose to wear each day speaks volumes… so don’t mumble!

Okay! Okay! Who needs the drama?
Just enjoy the “fashion message” here and contemplate putting short over long….  add a tapered leg pant and you’ll immediately look taller and more slender and oh so in the fashion moment.
People inevitably make assumptions about you based on how you dress, so why not wear things that nudge them in interesting directions?

Stay tuned for further installments of Soundings micro-dramas!

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Staff Picks from us to you!
fish book cover



In Her Words!
The Her Words collection of composition notebooks are warm and spirited, featuring brilliant cover vignettes by poet Monique Duval. Her Words will inspire you to explore, imagine, and create. These notebooks are perfect for capturing poetry, stories, music, or journaling and are great for the home, office, studio, or out in the world.

Softcover, 10″ H x 7″ W, 60 lined pages.

click to view cover detail

click to view cover detail

Believe it or not, and clothes horse that I am, my favorite new addition to our store are these beautiful purse size journals that can accompany you everywhere… both for inspiration and motivation… lists, reminders, a bit of your own inspiration. I’ve no will-power for pretty journals (got three of them in my purse already) that compel me to open them and do a little writing of my own. Just a bit of icing on the cake that they’re from a local company in the Fremont District of Seattle and both text and illustration come from our own talent in the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s a bit of a ‘prompt’ for your first journal entry:

Robert Frost wrote a poem titled ‘The Road Not Taken.’ Name a road that you’ve always wanted to travel. Where do you hope it takes you and what might you see along the way?

Got room in the purse for a journal of your own?

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Does It Really Go Around?
Hmmmmm?  They say “what goes around comes around”.  I’m not sure I really buy into this whole concept because most of the time when “it” comes around again it’s modified in some way.  So the exact same thing doesn’t really come around.  It’s always new and improved.  Especially in the fashion world.  But then again, it does sometimes feel a bit déjà Vu.
orange with pink

Take the color story featured in our store for February as an example.  It’s all about pink(s) and orange(s).  Those of you who grew up around here might remember this color combo from the seventies proudly displayed in the House of Pies restaurant up on 196th. The whole restaurant was decked out in these two luscious colors. My mom used to take me in there for pie and I could never decide if I should sit on the bright pink vinyl stools at the counter or the orange ones. (Choosing a piece of pie from a hundred different kinds was the easy part.) Being young enough I got away with dividing my allegiance between two neighboring stools, one of each color, so I could experience both. Where there was a will there was a way. The colors together were simply irresistible. Not that House of Pies was a big trend setter back then, but the color combo did seem fresh. Maybe the fact that I was 13 years old had something to do with that.

Nevertheless, forty years later and they’re back!  Pink still likes orange and visa versa.  French Dressing is featuring a 5 pocket jean in both colors with a short sleeve printed tee combining the two. JAG‘ s pull-on jean in melon is ever so fresh, and scarf prints are combing the two colors ” hand over fist” as they also say. Melon, raspberry, pink daiquiri, sherbet, orange crush, sunset, etc. You name the color. They are all yummy to me. But then, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. At least that’s what they say. My 21 year old niece thinks it’s all fresh.  Hmmmmm?

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