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Sound Styles, January 29 2013

Q:    I finally broke down and bought my first pair of colored jeans.  But, they are turquoise and I’m really not sure that I have anything in my closet to go with them.  Can you give me some ideas since you’ve been talking a lot about colored jeans lately?

A:    Yes, we are noticing more break downs lately.  Resistance to this fashion trend is indeed lowering.  Colored jeans are definitely becoming more and more “normal”.  But, what to do with them you ask.  First of all, let’s address the color issue.  Just because your new jean is turquoise does not mean you have to have another piece of turquoise on at the same time.  At this time of the year, pair them up with dark neutrals and transitions toward Spring.  For example, the other day I wore my emerald green jeans with my black boots, a charcoal sweater and a chocolate fur scarf.  It worked!  At least no one told me otherwise.  But, as we get closer and closer to warmer weather, I look forward to wearing them with a bright pink jacket that I got last year.  Then I’ll probably put a print tee of some sort underneath and wear a colored shoe.  Other than bright pink, you can pop your turquoise with lime green, purple, coral,or yellow.
Then, as we approach summer simply change the neutral from dark to light and wear your jeans with white.  One other concept you may want to explore is “tone on tone”.  Throw all kinds of blues together with your turquoise (or greens or whatever color you choose as your base).  Now, tell me you don’t have any of this in your wardrobe already and I’ll eat my words!!  Check out the slide show below to get more visuals.

Secondly, stay tuned to silhouette and proportion.  Skinnier jean silhouettes are more flattering with a longer top (fingertip length) either fitted or boxy, and a more boot cut jean handles a more classic length (mid hip) top.  This is a generality of course, but is a good “rule of thumb”.

This Spring we’ll see a steady diet of bright colors.  Remember the “gotta taste your spinach” concept?  I’m going to have to get out of my box and “taste” new colors.  But, in the meantime, think I’ll make spinach lasagna for dinner tonight.

 More questions please!!

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Dear Soundings is a periodic response to fashion questions from our customers by Jenny, owner of Sound Styles in Edmonds, WA

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Now That’s a Horse of a Different Color!

colored teesWhile always inspirational, who knew that Van Gogh could be the inspiration for a new pair of jeans?

Color continues to be everywhere in the fashion world.  New arrivals of Jag Jeans and Three Dot tee shirts are sitting upon our shelves already and making us happy to think spring!

white pants
Whether it’s a statement in red or an earthly autumnal tone, colored jeans are a worthwhile investment for your casual wardrobe.  Done right – colored jeans communicate you are modern, fun and vibrant.

While it’s easy to dismiss the trend as only for the young, colored jeans can work at any age depending on three things:

~ finding the right pair for your body
~ your confidence level
~ and, what you wear with them.

There’s much more to tell and share so come in to see our selection and let us help you color your world bright!

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O F F   T H E   C U F F
So What’s Up For 2013?
Sound Styles Soundings
Well, I know it is a new year because I had to write 2013 on a recent check, I’m busy calculating a year end inventory figure for our bookkeeper and I’m reviewing 2012 from both a personal and business perspective.  I’m also thinking a lot about what I’d like 2013 to bring.  I figure I might as well put that out there as early in the year as possible as we all know how time can fly.

When I think back on 2012 I’m ever so thankful for being able to weather the economic storm and for the determination I have.  I’m also thankful that I work and live in caring, supportive communities and that I thoroughly enjoy what I do and who I do it with.  Working with all of you, my dear mom and incredible crew is more than I could ask for.  I am so pleased that Sound Styles can give us all so much and I hope for that to continue.

So, what’s up for 2013?    Well, I have several small goals in mind personally and several in mind for our store.  But there is one larger goal that fits for both and  that is to be truly open to and accepting of change.
I actually want to leave room for it.  I want to wonder about what might lie around the corner.  I don’t want to be so busy always orchestrating the next move that I don’t notice all that is going on around me.  What opportunities will arise? What new adventures lie ahead?  I’m reading “Undaunted Courage” about Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson and the opening of the American West. Wow! Talk about adventure and courage and inspiration. Those guys were real explorers.

However, and closer to home, I’ve already had customers ask about what’s coming for Spring in terms of fashion.  Actually it is already both arriving and selling.  Interestingly enough, the first fashions that arrive for an upcoming season are often quite seasonless, especially for those of us here in the NW.  For spring we’re seeing lots of black and white, lots of prints, texture mixing, feminine details like ruffles, lace and applique, flat front pull-on colored jeans (oh really?), bright colors like  turquoise, red, purple, orange and fuchsia.  Prints are being combined and so are contrasting colors.  Skirt lengths are across the board. The look is bright and bold.

Furthermore, suitcase packing is easier than ever before.  We noticed this as we were helping someone pack for a Mexico trip the other day.  Fabrics are soft and easy care and colors definitely don’t have to match.  It’s hard to mess up.  Just don’t pack too much.

So Happy New Year!  Here’s to leaving room for healthy change, new adventure, a little lace and beautiful colors along the way. A trip to Mexico wouldn’t be bad either!
Off the Cuff is a periodic casual review of fashion styles, attitudes and trends by Jenny, owner of Sound Styles in Edmonds, WA

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