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Mary and Jenny set out on a mission one September afternoon to see just how funky they could be this season in Sound Styles clothes, but realized in the process that really funky was actually really fun!

Fun to be in a funk playing dress-up!

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So, the moral is:  Try something funky.  Might just bring a smile to your face as well.

And, one is never too old to play dress-up!

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Coobie or Bust?

Staff Picks from us to you!

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Coobie or Bust?
For 65+ years I’ve never raved about wearing a bra.  Finally I’ve been introduced to Coobies.  Now my straps stay up, no twisted arms to find elusive hooks.  And I go all day without even a passing bra thought.  That’s how comfortable they are!  (88% nylon, 12% spandex).  Try just one,  only $20 or $22 (2 sizes), and you’ll rave too!

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What’s wrong with this picture?

Absolutely nothing according to this year’s fashion trends.
          It’s simply called “Fashion!”
In fashion today, the “old rules” no longer apply.
Afterall, fashion is always about newness.
So, take a closer look at our picture and you’ll see some of today’s new ideas…

      Long goes over short!

      Short goes over long!

      Chunky jewelry is back again as are those long, long chains.

      Patterns are mixed… go ahead and put together stripes and dots and prints.

      Textures… do the same by putting linen with butterknits or corduroy with lace.

      Color… well, that’s a whole other horse of a different color!  Take out your box of crayons and play!!

      Then tie it all together with a splash of animal print.

It’s that time of year to make a “playdate” with your closet and have fun putting together “new” combinations.  You might just surprise yourself!

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