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What is life without taking a few risks… especially in your wardrobe! Mixing prints is playful and adventurous, and if you can have fun with anything in life, it should be FASHION!

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You can mix florals, treat stripes as a neutral or wear a little leather and lace simultaneously. What about pearls & jeans or cowboy boots and petticoats? Sometimes the best combinations are the ones that seem an unlikely fit. Remember the first time you tried salt and chocolate together? Yum.

Tianello created the perfect little Gypsy sundress by mixing a few stripes, a splash of tye-dye, a feminine floral print and then completed the look with a delicate embellished embroidery – all mixed-up, like the perfect cocktail.

From knits with brights to spots on dots, these match-ups are begging you to let loose and try something a little crazy.

    Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb.
    It’s where all the fruit is.

    ~Shirley Maclaine

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Go Navy!

Navy blue is as basic as black!

Boring?  Never!

Add colors…. orange, raspberry, pink or other shades of blue. And, yes…. even black.

A great transitional color that works! Come see our selection!

Go Navy!


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Sound Styles Soundings  

A customer who came into our store recently asked me this question,   How do you know if it goes?   What does go together, she wondered, looking at me?  That common enough question inspired this response, now here, to share with you.

In this case we took dark denim cargo capris, which many of you already own, and added a mini stripe top in browns and blues.

To this we added another pattern in browns in the zip jacket.  Then we finished it off with another bigger stripe scarf in tan and white.

We simply mixed all shades of browns and more than one stripe together.  Voila!

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